Good Business is Good Medicine® is part of our DNA – our guiding principle in building CORE strengths and rock-solid infrastructure to ensure sustained improvements in medical group performance. We unite clinical and administrative leadership to optimize performance, value, and excellence across the care continuum. Use our services and track record of success to capitalize on today’s emerging opportunities.


Case Studies

Benchmark Senior Living

Faced with rising employee healthcare costs and competition in the senior living industry, as well as a desire to play ball with local ACOs, BSL leadership was ready to embrace an innovative approach. Together, leadership and The Croes~Oliva Group evaluated the feasibility, viability and practicality of providing on-site primary care and health services to residents and staff alike.



"As institutional dollars for research and teaching diminished, and as the organization became increasingly dependent on revenue generated from clinical care delivery, the department chiefs were on the line. We all had lessons to learn about how to deliver patient care more efficiently, productively and profitably. Working individually with each department, The Croes~Oliva Group led everyone toward a common goal and succeeded where other initiatives had failed."
Elaine Brennan, R.N., Former Senior Vice President – Operations
Montefiore Medical Center

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