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Good Business is Good Medicine® is part of our DNA – our guiding principle in building CORE strengths and rock-solid infrastructure to ensure sustained improvements in medical group performance. We unite clinical and administrative leadership to optimize performance, value, and excellence across the care continuum. Use our services and track record of success to capitalize on today’s emerging opportunities.



Case Studies

Southcoast Hospital

Accustomed to functioning independently, practices would need to utilize centralized services. A first for Southcoast physicians, this off-site Patient Support Center necessitated major work redesign and a cultural shift. There were still other hurdles. Changing leadership in the Southcoast Physicians Group left little time for operational oversight. A new system-wide electronic health record would put additional stress on ACC occupants. And, upon opening, the ACC would need to project a unified campus experience with the adjacent Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care...



“Thanks to The Croes~Oliva Group, we accomplished what many faculty practice plans find elusive, if not downright impossible: to operate cost-effectively while still respecting the delivery of quality care, and to hold sacrosanct research and teaching time. We learned that generating clinical revenue is the surest way to protect research and teaching time.”
Jeff Hyams, M.D., Former Chairman
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – Faculty Practice Plan

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