Good Business is Good Medicine® is part of our DNA – our guiding principle in building CORE strengths and rock-solid infrastructure to ensure sustained improvements in medical group performance. We unite clinical and administrative leadership to optimize performance, value, and excellence across the care continuum. Use our services and track record of success to capitalize on today’s emerging opportunities.


Case Studies

Montefiore Medical Center

Administrators engaged The Croes~Oliva Group to enhance performance by strategizing with individual department chiefs, senior consultants to create a unique approach for each department to boost profitability as quickly and efficiently as possible



“The Croes~Oliva Group’s expertise was essential to fulfilling our vision for the new Southcoast Center for Primary & Specialty Care. Their knowledge and strategic insights commanded the attention and respect of every stakeholder. They helped to create a united, multi-specialty group of practices and services that will improve coordination of outpatient care. Their roadmap will serve as a blueprint for our future ambulatory care centers.”
Marty O'Neill, Chief Administrative Officer, Southcoast Physicians Group
Southcoast Health System

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