Our Unique Approach

At The Croes~Oliva Group, we help medical organizations find greater success by improving strategic, operational, and financial performance.  We have the knowledge and experience to present a realistic and highly individualized assessment of the issues confronting your medical group.  High-impact solutions can only be achieved by starting with a deep and inherent understanding of the challenge at hand.  Our process begins with a multifaceted diagnostic assessment that combines:

  • Empirical data collection
  • Application of industry standards
  • Scientific analysis
  • Human insight

We gather, diagnose, deconstruct, transform, and express data and information into an action plan that physicians and administrators can embrace, implement, manage, and modify.

We approach each challenge with one foot firmly entrenched in proven solutions, and one eye on the opportunities shaped by emerging market trends.

We provide easily implemented, tangible solutions that work within the context of your medical group’s culture and market landscape.

In essence, our process is a filter through which we pass individual circumstance.  What results is a full understanding of the challenge an integrated delivery system, academic medical center, community hospital, post-acute, or new venture-capital-backed entity is facing.  This insight leads to solutions that the practice can effectively implement with internal staff and existing resources.

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