Benchmark Senior Living

“In a time of great change and new challenges in post-acute care, The Croes~Oliva Group helped us navigate a synergistic path to lower employee healthcare costs, expand quality care services to our residents, and partner in an ACO environment. Their guidance and insight will help us retain and improve our market leadership position.”
Stephanie Handelson
President, Benchmark Senior Living
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Faced with rising employee healthcare costs and competition in the senior living industry, as well as a desire to play ball with local ACOs, BSL leadership was ready to embrace an innovative approach. Together, leadership and The Croes~Oliva Group evaluated the feasibility, viability and practicality of providing on-site primary care and health services to residents and staff alike.

The Croes~Oliva Group Contribution

What was the best model for enhancing timely, high quality, and cost effective medical services to residents, with fewer hospital admissions? Could expanding on-site care to staff simultaneously reduce health insurance and worker compensation costs? Taken together, would these and other initiatives give Benchmark a leg up as an innovative partner in Medicare and private ACOs?

We worked to:

  • Improve the health of BSL residents and staff while reducing employee health insurance costs
  • Strengthen BSL’s position as a provider of choice for accountable care organizations