Boston Children’s Hospital

"The Croes~Oliva Group not only understood, but honored, our physicians' multi-responsibilities for research, teaching and clinical care. Not only did they help us reach a better balance among all three commitments, but we learned that like research and teaching, there are criteria for successful operation of clinical care. And when all three commitments are fine-tuned and aligned, visit volume and patient access can soar."
Sally Andrews, former Vice Chair for Administration and Planning
Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston Childrens Hospital

Working together, administrators, clinicians and The Croes~Oliva Group set out to create an Ambulatory Patient Care Delivery Model designed to ensure the delivery of quality care – effectively and efficiently.

The Croes~Oliva Group Contribution at Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Together with physicians from Boston Children’s Hospital, The Croes~Oliva Group designed an Ambulatory Patient Care Delivery Model to:
    • Increase visit volume by 45% over three years
    • Increase patient access by 50%, and same day appointment availability
    • Reengineer the care delivery process by creating categories of care and time guidelines that adjust for illness complexity, and honor the need for adequate visit time to improve patient care
    • Help increase provider productivity by appropriately deploying clinical resources aligned with organizational priorities
    • Improve organizational design by realigning staff duties and responsibilities to optimize performance, care delivery, cost-effective quality, and financial viability
    • Eliminate the need for costly facility construction by configuring a schedule and operational structure that maximized available space
    • Support the sometimes conflicting goals of high productivity expectations, quality teaching and research commitments
    • Facilitate, cultivate and incorporate physician engagement in care delivery redesign to improve productivity, the care delivery process, and overall financial performance