Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

“Thanks to The Croes~Oliva Group, we accomplished what many faculty practice plans find elusive, if not downright impossible: to operate cost-effectively while still respecting the delivery of quality care, and to hold sacrosanct research and teaching time. We learned that generating clinical revenue is the surest way to protect research and teaching time.”
Jeff Hyams, M.D., Former Chairman
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – Faculty Practice Plan

Working with physicians and administrators, The Croes~Oliva Group helped re-situate the medical center’s ailing faculty practice plan, turning a projected $7 million loss into a $4 million surplus reserve.

The Croes~Oliva Group Contribution at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

  • The Croes~Oliva Group worked together with faculty practice plan physicians and administrators from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to:
    • Turn a projected $7 million loss into a $4 million surplus reserve
    • Restructure care delivery to optimize patient management and efficiency, improve care quality, and simultaneously safeguard research efforts and teaching time, while zeroing out the deficit
    • Analyze provider capacity and deploy the appropriate clinical resources to enhance productivity and practice plan financials
    • Recommend operational system reconfiguration – including scheduling, patient flow, and referral management – to increase patient access by 20% and collections by 40%
    • Execute strategies to ensure success and physician adaptation of new program initiatives
    • Strengthen the organization’s financial performance by engaging physicians and staff in efforts to improve the care delivery process and design
    • Benchmark and achieve best practice strategies and tools to monitor progress