In the DNA

The Croes~Oliva Group unites physicians and administrators with strategies and solutions to drive medical group performance to impressive new heights.  Our high-impact, customized solutions are grounded in the concept that Good Business is Good Medicine®. This perspective is part of our DNA, and the guiding principle for ensuring solid medical group operations and system-integration strategies amid tumultuous change.

Just as DNA is critical scaffolding for growth and development, so, too, are sound practice-level operations – the essential infrastructure for ensuring that your organization can deliver on today’s quality and reimbursement imperatives.

CORE Strengths

The stakes have never been higher in medicine today. Delivering on patient-focused care across an expanded continuum, with shared reimbursement risks and rewards, takes rock-solid infrastructure and CORE strength. The Croes~Oliva Group can help you assess and strengthen the CORE in your organization. We start by presenting a realistic and highly individualized assessment of the issues confronting your medical group. Then, we apply our business savvy, operational know-how, and strategic expertise to create a unique business blueprint that you can implement and replicate.

Track, Measure, Adjust and Improve

Underlying all of our work, and tied to our CORE strengths, is performance measurement.

  • We use practice, physician, and provider performance metrics and dashboards to help you track, measure, adjust, and continually improve care delivery.  We provide national and best practice benchmarks, enhanced through The Croes~Oliva Group experience, to create service standards that optimize:
    • Medical, clinical, and staff interaction and performance
    • Interactions with patients
  • Optimized Financial Performance
  • Provider Cost, Revenue and Volume Assessments
  • Provider Capacity Analysis
  • Patient Outmigration Management
  • Cost/Revenue Projections
  • Re-engaged Physicians
  • Clinical Integration
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Medical Group Transition Strategies