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Benchmark Senior Living

“In a time of great change and new challenges in post-acute care, The Croes~Oliva Group helped us navigate a synergistic path to lower employee healthcare costs, expand quality care services to our residents, and partner in an ACO environment. Their guidance and insight will help us retain and improve our market leadership position.”
Stephanie Handelson
President, Benchmark Senior Living
Boston Childrens Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital

"The Croes~Oliva Group not only understood, but honored, our physicians' multi-responsibilities for research, teaching and clinical care. Not only did they help us reach a better balance among all three commitments, but we learned that like research and teaching, there are criteria for successful operation of clinical care. And when all three commitments are fine-tuned and aligned, visit volume and patient access can soar."
Sally Andrews, former Vice Chair for Administration and Planning
Boston Children’s Hospital

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

“Thanks to The Croes~Oliva Group, we accomplished what many faculty practice plans find elusive, if not downright impossible: to operate cost-effectively while still respecting the delivery of quality care, and to hold sacrosanct research and teaching time. We learned that generating clinical revenue is the surest way to protect research and teaching time.”
Jeff Hyams, M.D., Former Chairman
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – Faculty Practice Plan

Jordan Hospital

“...efforts led initially to the Jordan Community ACO, and ultimately to our selection as one of the first community hospitals to become a Medicare ACO.”
James Fanale, M.D.
Senior Vice President of System Development, Jordan Hospital
Jordan Community ACO

Massachusetts General Hospital

"The Croes~Oliva Group helped us develop clinical and administrative frameworks to more effectively manage our patients – from the first phone call, through the exam, to checkout. We will not jeopardize our vision for premier service, unparalleled quality and cost-effective treatment. The Croes~Oliva Group gave us workable plans to help us redesign operations and create a work environment that honors our physicians' multiple obligations."
Sally Iles, Associate Vice President of Medicine and Primary Care Services
Massachusetts General Hospital

Montefiore Medical Center

"As institutional dollars for research and teaching diminished, and as the organization became increasingly dependent on revenue generated from clinical care delivery, the department chiefs were on the line. We all had lessons to learn about how to deliver patient care more efficiently, productively and profitably. Working individually with each department, The Croes~Oliva Group led everyone toward a common goal and succeeded where other initiatives had failed."
Elaine Brennan, R.N., Former Senior Vice President – Operations
Montefiore Medical Center

Southcoast Hospital

“The Croes~Oliva Group’s expertise was essential to fulfilling our vision for the new Southcoast Center for Primary & Specialty Care. Their knowledge and strategic insights commanded the attention and respect of every stakeholder. They helped to create a united, multi-specialty group of practices and services that will improve coordination of outpatient care. Their roadmap will serve as a blueprint for our future ambulatory care centers.”
Marty O'Neill, Chief Administrative Officer, Southcoast Physicians Group
Southcoast Health System

Southern Illinois Healthcare

“The Croes~Oliva Group helped us breathe life into our physician integration and employment strategy – ensuring that we structured for aggressive growth, tapped the right leadership, assigned appropriate accountability, and aligned goals for operational excellence. We couldn’t afford a strategic misfire. With their insight, rigor and expertise, The Croes~Oliva Group provided a management and operational structure with flexibility and vision enough to meet our immediate challenges and accommodate future goals."
Philip L. Schaefer, FACHE, Vice President and Administrator
Ambulatory and Physician Services
Southern Illinois Healthcare

Women & Infants Hospital

"The Croes~Oliva Group joined forces with our staff to reconfigure operations to help us to manage increased patient volume and our clinical affiliations throughout the area. The additional challenge was convincing all of us that it could happen. The Croes•Oliva Group's assessments and strategies were on target." Constance A. Howes, FACHE, President and CEO, Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island
Constance A. Howes, FACHE, President and CEO
Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island